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Dear food lovers

My name is Chandan Prajapati. I am a Chef.  I am here to share some experience I have gained in the Culinary world. I have included the recipes of food mostly from Indian cuisine. I have also included some popular recipes of cuisines from around the world. I have tried to retain the authenticity of the food as far as possible. I would like to dedicate this website to all the Chefs from around the world and people who love cooking. I would like to thank all the Chefs who helped me, guided me and supported me always and whose knowledge and experience I am trying to share through my blog. 

Each recipe has been tried and tested many times before publishing here. Though there are millions recipe website, what differentiate my blog is that I am trying to write a recipe which can be relied upon not only when you are cooking at home but also when you are cooking as a professional Chefs in hotels, restaurants, banquets, cruise or any other catering outlets. 

 If you have any suggestion or feedback you can post your valuable comments and feedback below the recipes or find me on my facebook page. Also if you want to share your recipes please send me your recipes at


Bon appetit. Happy cooking. 

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