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By Chef Chandan Prajapati

Spinach Mushroom and Cheese Canneloni



Refined Flour - 100 gm

Eggs fresh - 2 each

salt - pinch

Melted Butter - 50 ml

Milk - 100 ml


Fresh Spinach leaves - 100 gm

Mushroom - 100 gm

Garlic Chopped - 1 tbsp

Butter - 50 gm

Salt to taste

Cream Cheese - 100 gm


Red tomatoes chopped - 100 gm

Tomato puree - 50 ml

Basil leaves - few

Salt to taste

Black pepper powder - 1/2 tsp

Garlic chopped - 1 tbsp


Refined flour - 25 gm 

Butter - 25 gm

Milk - 500 ml

Cheddar cheese grated - 50 gm


Grated Parmesan cheese - 1 tbsp

fresh basil leave - 1


1. For the crepe make a mixture of flour,eggs, butter, milk and salt. The mixture should be smooth and free of lumps. The mixture should be of pouring consistency. Add more milk if the mixture is thick. Take a non stick frying pan. Melt some butter. Pour a ladle of mixture and make a thin pancake of the size of a 6 inch tortilla or roti. Remove the excess mixture from the pan. Let the crepe or  thin pancake be cooked till one side turns golden. Cook on the other side till the crepe attains a light golden color. Remove from the pan and cool at room temperature. Make 3 or 4 crepes.

2. For the Spinach and Mushroom mixture wash them under cold running water and chop them roughly. Melt some butter in pan and saute some garlic. Add the spinach and mushroom. Add some salt and cook till the mushroom is soft. Remove from the heat and cool the mixture. Once cold squeeze out the excess water and add the cream cheese and mix them well. 

3. Make a cannelloni by placing the spinach, mushroom and cheese mixture on one side of the crepe and rolling the crepe to make a roll. Make at least 3 -4 rolls. 

4. For the tomato sauce heat a pan and add some butter to the pan. Add some garlic and saute for a while. Add the chopped tomatoes and cook for 5 minutes. Add the tomato puree and cook for further 5 minutes. Add the basil leaves. Add some salt and little sugar.Cook for 10 to 15 minutes. Add some water if required. Remove from the heat once the sauce is ready.

5 For the cheese sauce melt 25 gm butter in a pan. Add 25 butter and make a roux. Lower the heat and add the milk gradually to the pan by whisking constantly. Once the sauce is thick add grated cheddar cheese. 

6. Now take a pasta plate. Add a 2 tbsp of tomato sauce at the base of the plate. Then arrange the cannelloni on the tomato sauce. Pour the cheese sauce on the cannelloni. Sprinkle some grated Parmesan cheese on top and keep the plate under salamander or oven till the top turn s golden brown.  Serve garnish with a fresh basil leave.


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