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By Chef Chandan Prajapati

Chocolate Mousse Recipe


Egg yolk - use 4 eggs yolk
Castor sugar - 80 gm
Milk - 125 ml
Dark chocolate - 300gm
Gelatin - 20 gm soaked in 30 to 40 ml cold water
Whipped cream - 300 gm

Make sabayon by whisking egg yolk, sugar and milk in double boiler till stiff. Melt the dark chocolate by heating in microwave. Mix the chocolate in sabayon mixture in the double boiler. Add gelatin. Whisk in the double boiler till smooth. Remove from double boiler and let the mixture cool at room temperature. Once the mixture cools down gently fold whipped cream. Pipe the mixture in serving bowl and refrigerate. Serve chilled. 

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