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By Chef Chandan Prajapati

Thai Tom Kha Prawn Soup

Prawns - 4-5 pieces cleaned and diced
Coconut milk - 50 ml
Shallots - 1 shallot cut into four and layers separated
Carrot - few thin slices
Tomato - 1 small cut into dices
Mushroom - few slices 
Lemon grass - 1 inch cut into thin slices
Galangal - half a inch cut into thin slices
Thai red chilli - 1 cut into thin slices
Salt to taste
Broth powder - a pinch to enhance flavour
Veg stock - make a stock by boiling few slices of lemon grass, galangal, kafir lime leaves and onion in water. Strain and keep aside.
1. Heat a sauce pan. Add 1/2 a ladle of stock and coconut milk. 
2. Add all the ingredients except prawns and bring to boil.
3. At the end add the prawns and cook for a while. Add salt and broth powder. Serve hot.

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