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By Chef Chandan Prajapati

Vegetable in Hunan Sauce


Broccolli florets - few

Carrot thin slices - few

Zuchinni thin slices - few

Mushroom slices - few

Baby corn slices - few

Pokchoy leaves - few

Bamboo shoots - few


Oil - 1 tbsp

Kashmiri chilli - 2

Garlic chopped - 1 tbsp

Ginger chopped - 1tsp

Onion chopped - 1 tsp

Green chilly chopped - 1/2 tsp

Oyster sauce - 1 tsp

red chilly paste

Red bean paste - 1 tsp

Dark Soya sauce - 1/2 tsp

Sugar - 1/2 tsp

Salt to taste

Corn flour - 1 tbsp

Shao ving hua wine sauce - 1 tsp

Sesame oil - few drops

Veg stock - 100 ml


Spring onion chopped - 1 tsp


1. Boil vegetables in salted water for 1 minute. Remove from the boiling water and put in the ice waater. strain and keep aside the vegaetables

2. Heat a wok or pan and put the oil. Once the oil is hot break the red chillies into pieces with hand and add to the oil.

3.Add  chopped garlic, ginger, onion and green chilly and saute for few seconds. Add chilly paste, chilli bean sauce and the boiled vegetables.Toss the vegetable for few seconds and add soya sauce, sugar, salt, shao ving hua, sesame oil and veg stock. heat for a while and once the sauce is boiling dissolve corn flour in water and put in the sauce. Stir and serve hot garnished with spring onion.

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